Eight Travel Apps Worth Knowing About

Travel used to be so difficult–arriving at the airport with enough time to print your boarding pass, check in your luggage, and find your gate. But technology has changed everything. Now, you can simply scan your smartphone at the gate and select your seat from the comfort of your computer. Technology is changing the way we travel, and we’re infinitely grateful for that.

We present to you some of the most helpful travel apps we’ve seen this year:

Trip Splitter

Trip Splitter is a great app to help divide up costs when you’re traveling with friends or colleagues. You simply input your costs (and who pays for what) into the app and it tracks your expenses so that they can be divided at a later date. The app is available in both free and paid versions.


If you travel frequently, you know that airports can be frustrating. GateGuru helps solve some of your problems, providing lists of places without airports across the world. You can get information on terminals, coffee shops, restaurants, shops, etc. These airport maps 康齒堂連登 can be super helpful, especially if you’re in a rush.


Sure, it isn’t the sexiest of apps, but the TSA app can be useful when traveling through the United States. It will tell you all rules and regulations, provide flight delay information, and give tips about security checkpoints.


We have certainly talked about the shift toward a sharing economy, which has become an important part of travel. The Airbnb app allows you to access home share opportunities in many parts of the world, presenting a variety of living situations to fit every budget. If you’ve got a room for rent, you can manage it from the app too.

Around Me

AroundMe is an app that will let you know when you’re around a point of interest. By detecting your current location, it tells you where things in different categories are in relation to you–bars, coffee shops, hospitals, food options.


Big cities typically have apps that will help you get around the city using public transportation. aMetro will give you access, in one app, to transit systems in 180 cities across the world. It’s simple to use and can help a novice traveler (or someone new to a particular city) get around with ease.

Convert Clothes

When traveling, many people like to invest in clothing that they’re unable to get in their home country. Unfortunately, clothing sizes are not universal. Convert Clothes converts shoe and clothing sizes (even bras!) into the size you’re familiar with.


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