How you can Combine Eating ‘Mindfully’ With Hypnosis To lose Weight

For many people the idea of being able to lose weight seems to involve a lifetime of deprivation and struggle, with most often with little to show for it other than an overwhelming sense of failure. For you, that stops now. Here you will learn how you can combine the power of being mindful of your eating and the use of hypnosis to bring that frustrating cycle to and end once and for all so that you lose weight and become the slim you that you have been striving for. As someone once said “Nothing Tastes as Sweet as Slimness” and that is so true don’t you think?

Most likely you already know what foods are good  검증사이트for you, what foods are not, and what poor eating habits you have that have lead to your weight gain and difficulty releasing that weight to be healthier and happier. Yet, you may feel that you lack the “willpower” to really lose weight and keep it off. It is not willpower that you need. You simply need a little help getting your subconscious mind on board to make a real change, and you need to learn a few simple strategies that will help you along the road to success. By reading this article you have shown that you are ready to make a commitment to looking and feeling your best. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh or where you live, you can be helped.

Overweight? You are eating too much and the wrong too much! It means that you are eating more than your body needs to sustain it. Assuming that your doctor has found you healthy, with no metabolism issues, the simple truth is that you need to eat less rubbish and more protein in order to lose, and then maintain, your weight.

The problem with many people in today’s fast paced, fast food world is that too often we eat absentmindedly, without being consciously aware of what we are doing. Studies have shown that this type of eating causes us to eat far more than we normally would, as we ignore or do not recognize our bodies’ cues that we are full. Thus, the first step in your commitment to lose weight needs to be becoming more mindful of your eating.

Mindfulness (which has its roots in Buddhism) is a concept that psychologists have coined to simply mean that you are consciously paying attention to your actions. Many people tend to go through much of life being unmindful, failing to pay attention to the world around them including what they eat. Thus becoming mindful of your actions is crucial in curbing your eating and becoming a healthier you. Eating mindfully draws on the use of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness focuses our attention and our awareness on the “now”, which in turn, helps us separate from habitual, unproductive and habits and activities. Mindful eating at every meal helps us discover a more rewarding relationship to food and eating, than we ever contemplated. A kind of nourishment that offers satisfaction on a very deep emotional level emerges. Remember obesity often has an emotional component to it. So how do we do this mindful eating?

Being mindful and eating consciously is as simple as it sounds – you need to be aware of your eating. This means that when you eat that is ALL you are doing: eating. You do not watch television, read the newspaper, or check your Facebook page. You simply eat, paying attention to the smell, the colours, the taste and texture of each bite. Enjoy your food. When you are mindful of your eating habits a few things happen: You enjoy your meal more, you feel full more quickly, and you make better decisions about what to eat. Here is a brief guide on “how” to eat mindfully:

Create a calm relaxing environment in which to eat. Don’t eat in front of the TV, or at your desk at work because you end up bolting your food down with hardly any appreciation or awareness of what you are eating. Before you reach for that biscuit ask yourself: How do you feel? Are you comfortable, anxious, bored or maybe even feeling depressed? (Are you thirsty rather than hungry? Sometimes people confuse the two sensations). Simply recognise and accept the feeling, whatever it is, and then observe your stomach: how does it feel? It is easier to digest food and be mindful when you are relaxed. When we accept our emotions they tend to leave us feeling calmer and less likely to pick up that (oh only one won’t hurt) biscuit.

Chew your food, slowly! It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to register your stomach is full. If you eat until you FEEL full you will be in essence “overfull” or more colloquially “stuffed”, and that is not mindful eating. Take your time, enjoy and savour each mouthful. Notice the temperature, aroma, texture and taste of each morsel of food that you ‘place’ (not shovel) into your mouth. Notice how your stomach feels more comfortable when the food is chewed thoroughly. This makes it easier on your digestive system too. Notice how much more satisfied you feel when you take the time to enjoy and savour your each mouthful of your meal. I often refer to a petrol gauge as a metaphor as a guide as to when to eat and when to stop eating.

Never allow yourself to get below “3” empty, and stop eating when you get to “7” full. If you eat till the gauge reads (feels) “10” you will have overeaten. When serving your meal, select a smaller plate and as a consequence you will decrease your portion size. But despair not because now that you are eating mindfully you will feel as full and as strange as it may seem, as if you had used a larger plate. Try leaving a little food on your plate when you have reached the 7 out of 10 point. You may have to silence that “mother voice” in your head about ‘eating everything on your plate. ‘

It is also important to have a good amount of protein in your food choices, and that you ‘graze’ all day eating around 6 meals a day with every second meal a protein only “snack”. So, there is an outline. You can master mindful eating in two ways. First, keep a food journal. A food journal can help you identify patterns in your eating and recognize when you might eat out of emotion rather than hunger. It can also help you see if you are eating too much junk food and lacking nutritious food. Be be conscious of what you are doing when, what and how you are eating what you are eating. Mindful eating is the first step on your journey of weight loss and maintenance. The next step is:

Once you are committed, when you are ready to eat mindfully and truly release your excess weight, you may fear that you will not be able to overcome your cravings and the various temptations of modern, culinary life on your own, and you are probably right. But fear not – hypnosis will help.

A trained, experienced hypnotist can work with you to stop those cravings and to ensure your ongoing weight loss success. While hypnosis is not magic, some people think that it works in a magical way, and they are amazed at the results they achieve, effortlessly. When you are “in hypnosis” the hypnotist will talk directly to your subconscious, acknowledging the problems that you have had losing weight in the past and the eating habits subsequently developed. The hypnotist will tell your subconscious to release you from the cravings, the anxiety, and the unhealthy choices, and encourage your subconscious to make smart dietary decisions. When you emerge from hypnosis, you may not feel any different, other than perhaps a bit relaxed. But you will immediately notice that your cravings change. No longer will you crave salt, sweets, or your other indulgences. Instead, your body will crave healthy foods in the right proportions. With the power of hypnosis working together with your commitment and your understanding of the need to eat mindfully you will find the road to your ideal weight an easy one to walk. Start releasing weight Today. No matter where You live You can do it most easily with the support of someone skilled in the art of hypnosis.

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