PhD Graduate Spills the Beans on a Proven System to Win 97% of Your Sports Bets!

Betting on sporting events has dramatically increased in recent years, especially with the opportunities brought by the internet. It has become a great form of entertainment for some people and a very good income for others. Sports Picks Buffet is a revolutionary betting system concept created by John Morrison that wins 97% of the time.

97% win rate? I too was skeptical at first but once you learn how it’s done it’s easy to see how it’s possible and how you could achieve the same success. About 12 months back I decided to give it a try and I’ve never looked back since. I have done very well with his picks over the last year. I started with Baseball, John has an incredible win rate at Baseball, this is due to the system he uses. Certain criteria have to be met before we place bets. This means that we may not bet everyday but when those criteria are met it is possible to win over 95% of the time, there are 메이저사이트 circumstances that stack up the odds that greatly! To give you some idea of how successful this method is, I won all of my 37 baseball picks!

Let me tell you a little bit about John Morrison, the creator of Sports Betting Champ and now Sports Picks Buffet. John is a graduate of Cornell University with a PhD in Statistics and a very well known successful sports bettor.

So what’s it all about?

John has created a complete sports betting system by subscribing to over 500 of the worlds leading handicappers, just to give you an idea of what a massive feat that is, a years subscription to a single top rated handicapper would cost you $900 – $1000. So subscribing to 500+ is going to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

That’s where Sports Picks Buffet comes in, John gets the picks from his handicappers and sorts through all the information provided then emails all of the best daily picks to his subscribers, thus resulting in a 97% win rate, incredible!

I don’t know much about sports and i don’t keep up with the latest goings on but none of that matters, all i have to do is open up the email he sends daily, take a look at where i should place my bets, next open up a sports betting book and place the bets. I then check the results the next day, what could be simpler than that? You don’t need any betting experience, literally anyone can use these picks and cash in on this opportunity. All of the tools you will need to win at sports betting are finally here.

There are picks available for Baseball, NBA and college basketball as well as NFL Football and Hockey. To find out more see my full Sports Picks Buffet review.

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