Poker Books

Poker is a game that is played not just for leisure, but also professionally. Many individuals are serious poker players and regularly working on new strategies and methods to improve the game. A common platform for such seasoned players would be prestigious poker tournaments which are held across the world at leading casinos such as the Annual World Poker Tour. These experts usually end up publishing their trade secrets in poker books for the rest of the world to SDY Prize read.

These books can be classified in a variety of ways, but classifying them according to ideal reading group would be the best method. These books are available for every sort of audience. This ranges from beginners (or noobs as they are sometimes called), experts, regular tournament players, online players, team players and even for the poker hand dealer!

The aim of each book varies with its audience. Common types of poker books are illustrated below.

Poker books for beginners are a very popular form of poker book. These books are sometimes known as the poker handbook for all variety of players. These books tend to cover the history of poker, basic ground rules on dealing of cards and different varieties of the game. These books for beginners cover the common forms of poker and illustrate the “textbook” rules of playing the games along with common facts, practices and mistakes.

Another type of poker book, is a book on the game techniques. This game is essentially a game of strategy and skill. Such books cover the theatrics of playing the game. They teach the player how to mask his emotions, handle situations, react to conditions and carefully manipulate the circumstances to his benefit. It preaches patience, self control and a great deal of bargaining with luck. Such books edge on the psychology of a player and are aimed at seasoned players.

Poker books on tournaments are another variant of the type of poker books. These are written by the “superstars” of the poker tournament realm. These books are aimed at poker tournament players and aspirants. They cover the different forms of tournament types for example multi player tournaments and the rules and trends of the different major tournament leagues of the world. These books tend to also be partially auto-biographical as the writers tend to elaborate heavily on their own experiences, wins and defeats.

Online poker, though a relatively new poker form, has a rather large base on poker books devoted entirely to it. Online poker has mobilized a large portion of the masses to play poker from the comfort of their homes. Community poker is a form of poker specially played largely online. Numerous books are devoted to the rules of this newer version and instructing the player on how to get the best experience out of the game.

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