Purchasing Car Audio And Car Video On eBay

Play Music With CD Players And Car Radio Receivers

When you are assembling or giving a face-lift to the audio system of your car, begin with the source of the music – the in-dash receiver.

In-dash receivers for a car are available from specialists in car audio systems such as Kenwood, Alpine and Pioneer and these systems will greatly enhance the quality of sound. Some in-dash receivers come with a CD player along with it and a lot of them support these formats also – WMA, MP3, CD-RW and CD-R. Some of them even give support to satellite radio and the Apple iPod.

Buy an in-dash receiver that comes with a built-in CD Changer or you can attach a CD changer to the car audio system that is already fitted to your car so that you will not need to play around with the controls or the CD cases while driving. Models such as the JVC CH-X and the Sony CDX-757MX series can take in as much as ten or twelve discs.

Enhance Your Sound System With A Car Audio

Increase to its maximum sound potential of your car audio with new speakers, a new subwoofer and a new car amplifier. First of all take measurements of the area in your car where you want to locate your speakers. When you assess item listings on eBay, see that each of the speakers, amplifier and subwoofer fit into your car.

Enhance The Speakers Of Your Car

Manufacturers of car speakers such as Pioneer, Alpine and JBL offer a wide variety of car speakers, all of them different in power, size and price. They can be mounted in a variety of locations in your car that includes either the front and/or the back of your car. They can also be mounted inside car doors.

Car Amplifiers

The overall volume of the audio system in your car is enhanced by the addition of car amplifiers so that they can drive the speakers of your audio system without any distortion. Whether you like Beck or Mozart, car amplifiers also improve the detail and clarity of the music. These amplifiers can be placed under a seat, in the back of your car or in the trunk.


Very low frequency sounds are reproduced by car subwoofers and provide the thumping bass sound that you hear. An amplifier will be needed for driving the subwoofer and a suitable location will be required to place the 8″ – 15″ speaker unit. You can mount your subwoofer under a seat, in a side cargo tray or panel or in the trunk enclosure.

Subwoofers manufactured by companies like Alpine, Sony and JL Audio are generally round in shape but you may find some in the shape of squares on eBay. The bigger the unit, the frequency that it can reproduce will be lower.

You can but a subwoofer as a single individual unit or with an enclosure or as a component of a multi-speaker system.

Installing The Car Speakers

When you are looking at item listings, ensure that the product that you intend to buy comes along with the original installation documents. In case you need any additional information, visit the website of the manufacturer. Free instructions on installation procedures are provided online free of cost by a lot of manufacturers.

Additionally, many speaker and in-dash receiver listings provide a link along with the description to check whether the item will fit your car or not.

The process of installing a car speaker or in-dash receiver is fairly straightforward. Give thought to an installation kit, like an amplifier installation kit, for detailed help of the process of subwoofer and amplifier installation.

Take Your Movies In Your Car With Mobile Video

Convert your car into a mobile theater system to entertain your kids and impress your passengers with a complete multi-channel surround system. To bring in the thrill of watching movies or satellite Television or video games into your car you will require:

Car VCR player or a car DVD player

In-dash receiver

Video Monitor

Speaker/Amplifier System

Wireless Headphones

Either purchase a complete mobile video system including all its integrated components or buy each individual component at a time. There are two kinds of car video systems: Front or back seat.

Front Seat Video Systems

Front seat car video systems come fitted into a standard opening in the dashboard with a retractable and motorized 6.5″ to 7″ LCD monitor. These systems handle all of your music and video requirements including playback of DVDs, MP3s, CDs and Satellite Radio.

For reasons of safety, these systems will not play motion pictures unless your car is parked and the emergency brake applied. But you can still use the monitor together with a GPS Navigation System while driving.

Back Seat Car Video System

You can entertain your passengers at any time while driving with a back seat video system. These systems typically come together with –

A monitor either mounted on a headrest’s back or suspended overhead. Better viewing is offered by monitors that are suspended overhead but installation of headrest monitors are easier.

A car VCR player or a car DVD player that sits either beneath a seat or on the center console.

Wireless headphones for listening to audio.

A wireless remote control handset for passengers to control what they wish to see from the back seat.

Installing Your Video Equipment

When compared to in-dash stereo receivers, in-dash video receivers need only a few more connections. Make the additional connections through a hideaway box that is within easy reach.

For the easiest method of installing headrest monitors, purchase mounting brackets that can be attached to the front seat headrests’ posts. Replacing the existing headrests with those that come with pre-installed monitors is another option.

The installation of an overhead monitor requires more time and patience. Carefully follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer or get a professional to do the job for you.

Once the monitors are in place, connect them to your media player directly. Remember to purchase speaker wires and RCA (Radio Corporation of America) cables so that you will have all of the components that you require at hand while installing your car video system.

Discover Car Electronics On eBay

Once you have come to a decision on the kind of car electronics that you intend to purchase visit the “Consumer Electronics” portal on eBay and then click on the “Car Electronics” button. You can them start your search on eBay for your car electronics.


    • Categories: On the left hand part of each page you will find a Categories link that will help you in narrowing down your search by showing you listings by item kind. Here you will find links for Car Video & Navigation, Car Subwoofers, Car Amplifiers, Car Speakers and Car In-Dash Audio Units and more. You can narrow down your choice to the particular type of brand you are looking for by going down deeper into the website page.


    • Product Finder: You will find drop down menus on Car Woofers, Car Amplifiers, Car Speakers, In-Dash Car Audio Units on the page. You can use this drop down menu to narrow down the item title listings to search for the item you need by its condition, brand, type, format and more.


  • Keyword Search: You can search eBay for any specific item that you require by the use of specific keywords. For instance, in case you want to find car amplifiers on eBay, key in the words “car amplifiers” (no quotes) into the box provided for searching. Click on the “Search title and description” button to expand your results. A visit to the “Search Tips” page on eBay will give you more guidance on the art of searching eBay using keywords.


In case you are not able to locate precisely the product that you desire, you can try shopping on “eBay Stores”. You can also create a posting on eBay’s “Want It Now” page or the “Save a search” on My eBay page and you will be informed by email when a matching item becomes available.

Purchase With Confidence Car Electronics

Before you buy any item related to car electronics, ensure that you know precisely what you are looking for, understand the protection offered by PayPal and eBay and thoroughly go skup aut warszawa  through the details of the seller of the product.

Understand Your Purchase

Read carefully the details listed in the item.


    • Take into account the cost of delivery when you compute your final price. In case you are spending a lot of cash, ensure that the product is insured by the seller when the item is shipped.


    • In case you need more information, click the link that says “Ask seller a question” under the profile of the seller.


    • See that your transaction is completed on eBay either with a “Best Offer”, “Buy It Now” or a “Bid”. eBay does not offer protection for transactions carried out outside their purview.


  • Never pay for the purchase that you make on eBay using the services of instant cash wire transfer. These methods of payment are unsafe when you are making payment to somebody who you do not know.


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