Why Use Wood Waste Extraction Techniques

This article shall look at exactly what wood waste extraction entails in terms of a fired heater method, and our top reasons why this method could benefit you. Over the years companies have been disposing of their wood working waster into skips and landfills; however with the increasing cost of the landfill tax and skip hire wood waste disposal systems are becoming increasing important and popular amongst companies.

The concept

The wood waste fire heaters process is a simple and effective concept where your wood waste is transported into a storage area and fed directly into the combustion zone via a temperature controlled screw feed system. The process requires little input and management from you as you are able to get this done as an automatic process.

The benefits

  • Simple to operate, being a simple process there are few processes and controls that you need to learn in order to be able to operate the system once it has been installed.
  • Cost effective method to heat your workshop, particularly through the winter months. By using your wood waste materials wood heaters as a source of energy you can significantly reduce your heating bills.
  • Dispose of your wood waste effectively and efficiently, this allows you to reduce your disposal and waste costs.
  • With the use of custom parts and quality materials the equipment benefits from longevity and durability, this saving you further additional costs in the future.
  • You are able to receive an interest free loan from the Carbon Trust Financial Services and payments under the RHI scheme for adopting this energy efficient process.

The equipment

The special equipment is designed specifically for the purpose, with custom built cyclones, augers and hot gas fans which have been designed with longevity in mind. They able to outlive some other similar parts that are used on other equipment and machines in today’s market.

As customer demand gets greater issues such as noise, safety features and power consumption are continually reviewed and addressed so that they are up there with the best that money can buy offering great quality. The machines are continually developed so that these features are constantly upgraded meaning that the noise levels and energy bill for the usage is consistently reduced.

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